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Beautiful watch in solid golden case decorated with Chinoiserie decoration in technique of champlevé enamel over guilloche.
Champlevé enameling is done by carving cells, which are after filled by enamel.
Dust cover is signed by Freres Rochat in Geneve.

Beautiful silver dial with nice pattern. Breguet hands.
Thin high-quality movement with cylinder escapement.
Movement is in running condition, but I don't guarantee time keeping.

Watch comes with key - it's winding stem is steel made, the rest is gold.
It's decorated with chalcedony matrix seal carved with a boar's head issuing from a Ducal coronet.
Diameter is 33mm, height is 39mm. Weight is 24.9 grams.
The key weight is 3.7 grams.

Rochat Freres (Rochat Brothers) - Amy Napoleon and Louis.
Established at rue de Coutance 140 from 1810 to 1835.
Ones of the best Genevan watchmakers and mechanics from late XVIII century - first third of XIX century.
Watchmakers at J. Droz and Leschot, they quickly became the best ones in construction of complicated mechanics of singing birds and watches with automates.
Their works are mostly the watches in enameled cases, often decorated with gems.
Among their most famous works are pair of pistols with watch and singing bird, small spyglass with watch..
Some of their works are being exposed at Imperial Palace in Peking.
Rochat Freres worked for France, Ottoman Empire, China, India, England and Italy.
(O. Patrizzi - Dictionnaire des Horlogers Genevois)

Chinoiserie is the European interpretation and imitation of Chinese and East Asian artistic traditions, especially in the decorative arts, garden design, architecture, literature, theater, and musical performances. First appearing in the 17th century, this trend was popularized in the 18th century due to the rise in trade with China and East Asia. The enthusiasm for all things Chinese was fed by an interest in exotic and unusual cultures as well as the illusion of a gigantic peaceful empire where even the lower classes occupied themselves with literature and philosophy. (Wikipedia)
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