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Antique 18k GOLD & CHAMPLEVE ENAMEL Pocket or Pendant Lady Watch 1830s

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Antique 18k GOLD & CHAMPLEVE ENAMEL Pocket or Pendant Lady Watch  1830s

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Beautiful watch in 18k golden case decorated with champleve enamel.
This type of enameling is done by carving cells, which are filled by multicolored enamel.
Beautiful floral ornament covers not only back cover, but all watch, including the rim, bezel and bow.
Very skillful work, almost certainly from Geneva, famous by it's highest quality enamel.

The movement is confirms Geneva origin, it's typical flat calibre from 1830s from Geneve, very similar to French Breguet and Lepine one, but with some particularities.
I added a picture from E. Jaquet / A. Chapuis book "Swiss watch" with extremely similar movement produced by Melly in Geneva in 1837.
Such Geneva enamel watches are being kept by museums worldwide including British museum, Metropolitan museum and so on.

The dial is very nice, it's made of solid silver, rare ex-centered and beautifully guilloched, with nice pattern. It's in rare excellent condition.
The case is in great condition equally without significant defects.
Flat movement is in good working condition (what is not always the case, such flat cylinder movement are capricious).
Diameter is 32mm, height is 38mm. Weight is 21.5 grams..
Excellent watch for good price, don't miss it..
Item is not available