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Antique Three Emperors verge fusee pocket watch - Breguet a Paris

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Antique Three Emperors verge fusee pocket watch - Breguet a Paris

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Rare and nice pocket watch with painted dial.

This watch was made in beginning of XIX century, approximately in the time of Treaties of Tilsit (1807).
The dial shows Three emperors of this time - Napoleon I, Friedrich II (Austrian Emperor) and Alexander I (Russian Emperor). Obviously, French watchmakers was badly known with politics and mismatched Alexander's number.. I've seen few similar watches, but never with this funny mistake.

Nice dial, but unfortunately have some hairlines and flakes near winding hole.

Verge fusee movement is in good technical condition. Sure, it doesn't keeps time, but ticking solidly in any position.
Movement is signed by Breguet a Paris, but it's not a genuine Breguet, for sure.

Solid silver case is in descent condition, with some dings and dents.
Old key is comes with the watch.

Diameter is 49mm (1.9"), height is 60mm (2.4").

Treaties of Tilsit, (July 7 [June 25, Old Style] and July 9 [June 27], 1807), agreements that France signed with Russia and with Prussia (respectively) at Tilsit, northern Prussia (now Sovetsk, Russia), after Napoleon’s victories over the Prussians at Jena and at Auerstädt and over the Russians at Friedland.

Under the terms of the treaty, France and Russia became allies and divided Europe between them, reducing Austria and Prussia to helplessness.
Item is not available