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Antique WWI 1916 IWC - CORPS OF ENGINEERS USA Silver Pocket Watch

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Antique WWI 1916 IWC - CORPS OF ENGINEERS USA Silver Pocket Watch

ID: 92

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Rare historical watch produced by IWC for Corps of Engineers of American Expeditionary Forces during WWI.

I would give several quotes from detailed article by Thomas Koenig, published in NAWCC Bulletin for March/April 2014
"All watches with the inscriptions given above derive from a very narrow span of time—1917 to 1919... obviously, only the watches of the American Expeditionary Forces of World War I were marked “Property of the Corps of Engineers.” ...
...the contractors of three-hand watches were Hamilton, Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron & Constantin, and Zenith. But a look at the movements and marks inside the cases often reveals that what the inscription on the dial implies is not found inside...
Many collectors are surprised about IWC watches for the CoE because of the signature “Ulysse Nardin Locle & Genéve” on the dial, even though inside the movement is IWC, the case bears the IWC punches, and both case and movement have IWC serial numbers. Some of the movements bear the IWC “Probus Scafusia” punch, but none are branded Nardin, as the Movados are. The case reveals no hint that there is a relation to Nardin. For decades these “IWC/Nardin” watches were deemed inauthentic.
But these watches (including the Ulysse Nardin dials) are all original. The IWC sales records, including the remark in the sales ledgers, show that they were not only sold to Nardin but were branded Nardin on the dial. IWC supplied about 1,700 of these watches in the range of service ID numbers from 5,000 to 6,700 and another 500 pieces in the range from 10,600 to 11,100; in total, 2,144 watches were recorded in the IWC sales books.
Notwithstanding the brand, all CoE watches with service ID numbers higher than 10,000 are a little bit smaller in diameter than those with service ID numbers from 5,000 to 10,000. This may be because the larger ones were designated for railroad service, while the smaller ones served other purposes."

The whole article is well worth reading..

The case bears ID 6034, according to article by Mr. Koenig it was probably designated to railroad services of Corps of Engineers.
Movement number dates it's production to 1916 approximately. The watch is equipped with good quality IWC cal. 67 jeweled to center wheel with four screwed chatons and equipped by micrometric regulator.

Both movement and case is marked by IWC Probus Scafusia. Case also bears hallmarks for 0.800 silver.
Dial is marked with Ulysse Nardin Locle & Geneve

Movement is in good running condition.
Case is in good condition, with minor wear.
The only flaw is dial restoration near 11 hours, please look photos.
Diameter of the watch is 52,8mm, height is 64mm.

Don't miss it, great collector piece..
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