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Antique 1780s Verge Fusee Pocket watch by Gregson in Paris

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Antique 1780s Verge Fusee Pocket watch by Gregson in Paris

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Nice and rare verge fusee pocket watch.

Jean Gregson was an English watchmaker settled in Paris.
He was notable figure in the French watchmaking.
In order to achieve thinnest movies, he pioneered technical novelties of his time.
He received status of watchmaker of the King (Louis XVI) in 1776.
His significant position is also reflected in the fact that has been appointed as a member of a Commission of 1786 establishing a royal manufactory. The other members were the most famous watchmakers of France - Breguet, Berthoud and Lepaute.

He widely used virgule and cylinder escapement (very rare in XVIII century) and used Lepine-Hessen bridge calibre, that allows him to make the movements thinner.
A lot of his watches was being sold in beautiful enamel decorated cases.

A. Chapius devoted a small chapter to J. Gregson in his book "La Montre Francaise" and often mention him as pioneer in "Lepine" book.
In 1790, in the time of French revolution, he returned back to England and with his collegue Mr. Jefferson continued making watches under signature "Gregson & Jefferson, London".

This watch is among the classical one from Gregson. The verge fusee movement is very thin for this time and build up to best quality standards.

The watch is in very descent condition. The dial is with small imperfections near the winding hole. Movement is in good working condition. Unusual golden spade hands seems to be original
Case bears Swedish and 18k gold hallmarks, most likely import ones. It's in good condition but tends to open a little easy.

Diameter is 52 mm, height without bow is 61mm. Weight is 69,3 grams.
Watch comes with nice gold covered key.
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