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Rare Authentic A. L. Breguet Medaillon Antique Pocket Watch from 1820s


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Rare and beautiful medallion pocket watch by Breguet.
Diameter is 35mm, weight is 33 grams.
France, early 1820s.

Silver ex-centered dial is signed by Breguet.
Dust cover is signed by "Breguet, horger de la Marine Royale" (watchmaker to the Royal Navy) and bears serial number 3944.
"The Art of Breguet" book by G. Daniels shows identical Breguet watch, numbered 3721, sold in 1821 - illustration 301, p. 259.

Dust cover is fixed by small screw and has opening for the regulator.
Covers are made of gold, while the base seems to be made of platinum - Breguet pioneered using this robust metal in watchmaking.
Case is hallmarked by Bouffelard, casemaker for Breguet and successor of Tavernier.

The watch is nice example of "Montre Simple" - rather rare non-complicated watches of company. The clients of company preferred repeating watches, so A.L. Breguet production of simple watches was limited, lot less than repeating ones.

Particularities of Breguet production
Being small, the movement doesn't compromise to the quality - it's equipped with Breguet ruby cylinder escapement, thermal compensation and parachute antishock. Packing all that in compact case, these watches were selling by Breguet for similar sum as bigger repeating watches.

The watch feature unusual balance, golden balance wheel has three small weight (seems to be equally platinum), probably for achieving better balance equilibration.

The special Breguet minute hands made with a small square hall - this feature is used in thin watches for time-setting.

Almost identical watch N 4157, sold by Breguet in 1823 for 1420 Francs, was present by Antiquorum auction house, realised for 18170 Swiss Francs..

Watch appears to be in overall good condition.
The movement functions, though timekeeping wasn't tested.
Case is in good condition with common period wear.
Dial is in good condition, original hands.