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Patek Philippe Antique 18k Gold Pocket Watch


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Nice pocket watch from Patek Philippe.
Dimeter is 45mm, weight is 74 grams.

Watch is signed on the dustcover and bears low serial number 26660 that allows to date it to the late 1860s.
According the Huber & Banbery book "Patek Philippe", these in-house development movement already utilised latest version of Adrien Philippe keyless winding system, according to French patent 46951 from 1861.

The movement is a quality piece, equipped with lever escapement "a moustache", wolf-tooth winding wheels.
Dial and movement are unsigned, though movement bears the same serial number 26660 under the dial.
Case bears French 18k hallmarks on the case (Switzerland still hasn't hallmarking system till 1880s).

At late 1860s Patek Philippe (established in 1839) yet wasn't such a renowned brand.
That's why the dust cover is just modestly signed at the bottom by "Patek Philippe Fabricants Geneve", while retailer's signature "A.H Rodanet & Cie / Constructeurs des Chronometrés / Paris" takes most of the space.

Auguste Hilaire Rodanet (1837-1907) was the son of well-known French chronometrist Julien Hilaire Rodanet.
In 1857 A. H. Rodanet won a silver medal for his chronometer, in age 21 year. He was author of a books, president of Ecole Horlogerie (Watchmaking School) of Paris and a secretary of the Watchmaking Chamber in Paris.
He also was a representative of Patek Philippe in France.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement is in good running condition.
Dial is in nice condition, with no visible defects.
Case has some minor period wear, overall good condition.

Shipping from France worldwide.