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1680s SINGLE HAND CARRIAGE CLOCK WATCH Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch by Gaudron MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenUhr

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1680s SINGLE HAND CARRIAGE CLOCK WATCH Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch by Gaudron MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenUhr

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Rare single handed coach clock watch from 1680s.
Diameter is 74mm, height is 81mm, weight is hefty 296 grams.

This is nice example of the early French watch with hairspring.
Watch features the round baluster pillars, balance bridge has trefoil pattern, typical for this period.
The hairspring has just 1 1/2 coils.

Aside of the hairspring, watch basically has conservative design of pre-hairspring watches. There is no central wheel. The single hand is set on the hour wheel, driven from fusee under the dial.
The watch has rather big barrel and should has several days power reserve, though it's untested. The fusee is the tall one, it can take probably 9-10 turns.

Movement is signed by Gaudron a Paris.
Antoine Gaudron à Paris was born in Blois around 1640; he eventually moved to Paris and became a master in Saint-Germain des Près in 1665. In 1698 he and his sons established a company that traded among other things in watches and clocks, jewellery, bronzes and porcelain. There are many marvellous pocket watches and table clocks by Gaudron with cases that were created by the finest ebonistes of his time such as André-Charles Boulle. Gaudron is known as one of the first makers in Paris to have built pendulum clocks. During the controversy over the equation of time, his son Pierre claimed that his father had created the first equation clock in 1688. Antoine Gaudron died in 1714, a wealthy man of excellent repute.

Dial appears to be in good condition.

Movement is running in every position, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
The chain is assembled from several chains of different thickness and I didn't wound it fully, but it works correctly while wound 1-2 turns.

The brass case has some imperfections. Once it probably had leather protection/decoration, which is missing.
The movement is obviously too big and thick, the pendant has traces of soft solder. The hinge of the movement is slightly loose, and the watch case was once slightly bent to make more space in the area where the balance is located.
Otherwise nice condition.
Item is not available