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Ottoman Market Silver Triple Cased VERGE FUSEE Antique Pocket Watch


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Nice and solid triple cased verge fusee pocket watch for Ottoman Market.
Watch is big, diameter of cases are 71mm, 60mm and 50mm accordingly.
Weight is hefty 208 grams.

Watch features beautiful silver champleve dial with Turkish numbers, signed by George Charle, London.
Classical verge movement with fusee and chain is signed by same watchmaker in London, and numbered.
Beautiful balance bridge is decorated with watchmaker's initials GC.
Tompion regulator features ottoman numbers.

London hallmarks dates the watch to 1804.

George Charle is listed by Baillie, active in 1790-1840, watch for Ottoman market by Charle is being kept in Ashmolean museum.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
Movement is in running condition and works in every position.
Champleve silver dial is in good condition.
All cases has minor period wear.

Overall very nice watch.
Shipping from France worldwide.