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LOW AND HIGH TIDE INDICATION 1800s Antique Geneve Pocket Watch


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Beautiful Geneve pocket watch with rare complication set.
Watch is quite big, diameter is 62mm, height is 75mm.

The dial has a 2 x 6 hour counter for the indication of low and high tide in addition to the ex-centered 12-hour display and auxiliary seconds.
It is finely polychrome painted and shows two winged putti.
Full plate movement is equipped with early cylinder escapement.

Extremely rare complication, probably manufactured only by Veigneur freres.

Between 1770 and 1796 Isaac and Jean Marc Veigneur had a manufactory which produced high quality musical pocket watches and automatons with repetition as well as skeleton watches.
From 1796 to 1802 they were in partnership with Louis Ceret, one of the two directors of the "Manufacture Royale de Montres à Ferney" founded by the philosopher Voltaire. During this period the company traded under the name "Veigneur Frères & Louis Ceret".

Movement is working in every position, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Dial is in good condition.
Case has some minor wear.