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Triple Overcoil & Free Sprung Chronometer MINUTE REPEATING Gold Antique Pocket Watch

Price: $7 800

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Big and heavy British minute repeating lever chronometer.
Case diameter is 57mm, height without bow is 71mm.
Weight is hefty 167.7 grams.

Movement is signed by Joseph Penlington in Liverpool.
Mercer in "Chronometer makers of the world" mentions Joseph Penlington in Liverpool.
He was associated with John, Thomas and Sam Penlinhton, all in Liverpool, recorded since 1824 till 1890. Recorded to usage of Mercer and Kullberg movements. He also built some carriage clocks, but called himself as watchmaker.

The watch is finished to chronometer grade and features big free sprung balance with diamond endstone and triple-overcoiled balance spring.

Case bears 18k gold English hallmarks, seems to be for 1875.
It's decorated with coat of arms with motto "Arte et Marte".

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement is in running condition, repetition strikes as it should.
Dial seems to be good condition.
Overall very nice condition.

Shipping from France worldwide.
Price: 7 800 USD