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Thin Geneva Gold Antique Pocket Chronograph Pocket Watch

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Thin Geneva Gold Antique Pocket Chronograph Pocket Watch

ID: 338

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Fine pocket chronograph in 18k golden case.
Watch is thin for chronograph , diameter is 49 mm, weight is 63 grams.

Dust cover is signed by Maison Glatou in Geneva.
O. Patrizzi recorded A. Glatou, Roesgen & Cie successors & in Geneva, about 1907, enamel artists.
A. Glatou was also exposed at Geneva national exhibition in 1896.

Watch is nice piece of high quality Geneva watchmaking.
It features nice thin movement, with some bridges made of steel for sturdiness.
Movement is finished to high grade - it is fully jewelled, steel details are polished and bevelled.

Watch is running as it should, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Chronograph is equally functions properly.
The dial is flawless.
Sleek case is in good condition with some minor wear.
Good and thin chronograph from Geneva in excellent condition.
Item is not available