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REPEATER & REPUBLICAN CALENDAR 18k GOLD Verge Fusee Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

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REPEATER & REPUBLICAN CALENDAR 18k GOLD Verge Fusee Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

ID: 315

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Good verge fusee watch with dumb quarter hour repetition and 30-day republican calendar.
Case diameter is 54mm, height without bow is 70mm.
Weight is 109 grams.

It's production of late 1790-early 1800s.
After French revolution, by decree of 1793 was introduced decimal time and 30-days calendar.
While decimal time was cancelled already in 1795, 30-days calendar was used somewhat longer and was abandoned in 1806, after 12 years of usage.

The movement is signed by DeBelle in Paris.

Jean François De Belle was a master watchmaker, active in late XVIII, early XIX century.
According to A. Chapiro book "La Montre Français", he was one of the pioneers who used lever escapement already to year 1800.
He belonged of small comission (which included also A. Janvier, J-A Lepine, J-B Lepaute) that studied questions of adaptations of existing clocks and watches to decimal time..

The two-bodied case of this watch, dumb repeating - shows some inspiration of Breguet production.
Nice watch with features set not often to see.

Movement is in good condition, works in every position, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Repetition works as it should.
Solid 18k gold case is in good condition, it bears hallmark inside the back cover.
Nice blued hands, glass crystal crystal.
The dial has minor defects, but in overall good condition please see photos.
Item is not available