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1806 British ILBERY DUPLEX CENTRE SECONDS Pair Cased Pocket Watch

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1806 British ILBERY DUPLEX CENTRE SECONDS Pair Cased Pocket Watch

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Nice and rare British pocket watch with duplex escapement.
Watch is a solid piece, outer case is 60mm, inner case is 51mm, weight is 154 grams.
London hallmarks dates it to 1806.

Watch is equipped with beautiful movement in true British spirit of early XIX century.
The urn-shaped cock with diamond end-stone features portrait of the man in Laurel wreath, which can be identified as Admiral Nelson, hero of Trafalgar battle of 1805.
Lord Nelson fell in this battle, but the British fleet followed his tactics and won it. This victory protected United Kingdom from invasion of Napoleon troops, and Nelson became a national hero for years.

Watch is equipped with centre seconds and duplex escapement. In the very early XIX century, duplex escapement was used in good watches, as it allows to make quite precision timekeepers, on par with lever escapement.
Quite a nice feature set, later it became popular for the watches for Chinese market.

Watch is signed by Ilbery in London.
This signature is normally associated with William Ilbery. Hovewer his luxury watches designated for Chinese market where mostly based on Fleurier, Lepine-style calibre, while here we have production for British market, though with some unusual accents.

Movement is in good condition, works in every position, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Dial is in good condition, case has some minor wear.
Nice original golden hands.
Original glass has some scratches.

Item is not available