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SCARAB BEETLE - Gold & Enamel Antique Pocket Pendant Watch

Price: $11 000

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Fine gold and enamel, diamond-set pendant form watch designed as a scarab-beetle.
Watch comes with golden brooch.
The length of the scarab is 49mm, width is 27mm, total length is 76mm.
Total weight is just 45,5 grams.

This is beautiful example of Geneva fantasy shaped watch production.
These scarab shaped watches are illustrated in many books, including classical "History of Swiss Watch" by Jaquet & Chapuis, "Watches of Fantasy" by O. Patrizzi and others.
Watch is Geneve production of 1870 - 1880, brooch is probably production of 1910-1920.

The enamel has been restored, as usual for these kind of watches.
Such a watches has been worn as pendants, and vast majority of them comes with enamel reparations.

Dial seems to be in fine condition.
Heart-shaped movement with cylinder escapement is in running condition, though I don't guarantee time keeping.

Rare and beautiful watch, don't miss it.
Price: 11 000 USD