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12cm, 1200gr - DOUBLE WHEEL DUPLEX ESCAPEMENT Antique COACH Clock Watch

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12cm, 1200gr - DOUBLE WHEEL DUPLEX ESCAPEMENT Antique COACH Clock Watch

ID: 271

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Good pair cased coach watch.
Diameter is 124 mm, weight is hefty 1220 grams.

The two cases of the watch - which originally dates from the early 18th century – were painstakingly fitted with an updated movement by Franz Lehrner around 1810.
Franz Lehrner recorded by Abeler, as Clockmaker in Vienna, became Master watchmaker 14.09.180.

The movement is equipped with alarm, 1/4 repeater, and most unusually - double wheel duplex escapement.
This variant seems not to provided any significant benefits over common duplex escapement, and was rarely used during short period of early XIX century.
Very rare to meet this kind of escapement in coach clock.

The silver case of clock is very nice.
The back of this remarkable coach clock is exquisitely decorated with an engraved wicker basket filled with flowers and fruit surrounded by a frame of rocailles and cartouches. Narrow, ornamented sound holes near the edge release the clear sound of the strike. Over time the dial has acquired a two coloured hue, where the outer green hour ring creates a beautiful contrast against the firegilt central area.

Case appears to be in good condition.
Alarm and repeating complications are in working condition.
Clock is capable of running, but cleaning is recommended.
Dial has some scratches and patina, please see photos.
Overall good condition.
Item is not available