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Bohemian Verge Antique Pocket Watch from mid-XVIII

Price: $950


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Nice and rare Bohemian pocket watch.
Diameter is 47mm, heigh is 60mm.

The watch is classical verge fusee piece from middle XVIII century.
It's signed by Nassinbz in Pśov (North Bohemie).
Balance bridge is decorated by two-tailed lion, heraldic symbol of Bohemian Kingdom.

Kingdom of Bohemia lost it's independence in 1620 and since than was part Austro-Hungarian Empire of Habsburg.
In a period of Silesian wars in 1740-1763, the Kingdom was several times occupied by Prussian troops of Friedrich II but after was returned under Hubsburg's rule.

This watch should be historical souvenir of one of such status change, probably after Koln battle of 1757.

Interesting and rare piece.

Watch appears to be in good condition.
Movement is running, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Dial is fine with minor defects.
Silver case has minor period wear, nothing special to mention.
Overall good condition.
Price: 950 USD