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Rare FUSEE CHRONOMETER by L. AUDEMARS Antique Pocket Watch

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Rare FUSEE CHRONOMETER by L. AUDEMARS Antique Pocket Watch

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Fine and rare pocket chronometer in solid 18k gold hunter case.
Case diameter is 51mm, weight is hefty 135 grams.

Watch movement features fusee with chain - details allowing to improve timekeeping by equalising the uneven pull of the mainspring as it ran down.
Watch also features unusual winding system - it need to slide a side lever to let winding crown drive winding wheels.

This design allows to identify watch as Louis Audemars production.
Watch is signed by LeRoy & Fils, known French maker and retailer of quality pieces. According H. Zantke book "Louis Audemars - his live and works", most of complicated Leroy watches from 1835 to 1885 was production of Louis Audemars workshop. This watch should be no exception.
Serial number 11767 perfectly match serial Audemars production from early 1870s.
Overall built quality is also very in Aidemars style, with it's nickel movement and golden wheels.
Similar lever chronometer N 12754, equipped with fusee and Audemars early winding system is presented in forementioned book, made by 1870s, retailed by Fd. Vannes.

The watch is real high grade chronometer.
It features lever escapement, finished to chronometer grade.
It has helical hairspring, escapement wheel has counter-pivots.
The balance wheel is chronometer one - heavy, large and thick.

Solid gold case bears French 18k golds hallmarks and case maker's hallmarks.
Case is very solid and heavy, gold value is quite significant.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement is in running condition, though cleaning is recommended.

Case appears to be in good condition.
Dial is in good condition with tiny hardly visible hairlines between IIII and V hours.

Overall very nice condition.
Rare timepiece, don't miss it.
Item is not available