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10cm SELF STRIKING Repeater Alarm VIRGULE ESCAPEMENT Coach Repeating Clock Watch

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10cm SELF STRIKING Repeater Alarm VIRGULE ESCAPEMENT Coach Repeating Clock Watch

ID: 237

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Nice and rare coach clock watch.
The clock is big, diameter is 95 mm, weight is about 850 grams.

The watch is equipped with rare virgule escapement, extremely hard to find in coach watches.
Virgule escapement was used during short period of time in late XVIII / early XIX centuries, but was quickly replaced by cylinder and lever escapement.
It's quite fragile, and isn't very suitable for coach watches.
The coach watches are commonly equipped with verge or cylinder escapements, rare find.

The watch is signed by Giuseppe Lucilia in Milano.
Rare Italian signature
Unfortunately, Italian watchmaking isn't studied enough and I wasn't able to find records on this watchmaker.
Hovewer, it should be a knowledgeable master, which was able to built such sophisticated clock with advanced escapement.

The movement is also equipped with 1/4 hour self-striking mechanism, striking on demand and an alarm.
Totally there are 4 barrels and 4 hammers striking to the bell.
Nice set of complications and rare escapement - hard to find.

Clock comes in solid silver case, covered by painting with tortoise imitation.

The clock appears to be in good technical condition.
Movement functions, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Self-striking, striking on demand and alarm are also functioning.

The case has some losses of painting.
The white enamel dial has some minor hairlines and small restoration above the 12 hours.
Please see photos and video for cosmetic condition.
Item is not available