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Ruby Cylinder Escapement Alarm Silver Pocket Watch

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Ruby Cylinder Escapement Alarm Silver Pocket Watch

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Unusual alarm watch from early XIX century.

Watch is made in style inspired by A.L. Breguet, with the guilloche silver dial, separate control for alarm watch and ruby cylinder escapement.

Cylinder escapements are frictional rest, there is a constant friction placed upon the balance. The excessive friction resulted to worsening time keeping.
A.L. Breguet introduced cylinder escapement variant, where part of cylinder was made of ruby, it significantly reduced friction and increased precision.
The watches with ruby cylinders was able to keep time almost comparable to ones equipped with lever escapement. However, this type of escapement was fragile and hard to make, and it was quickly substituted by lever escapement in quality watches.

The movement is made in full plate design, with chain and fusee.
Dust cover is signed by Perrin Freres recorded in early XIX in Neufchâtel and Geneve.
Authors of complicated watches with repetition and central seconds, musical watches, etc.

The watch appears to be in quite good condition.
The movement is running, but I don't guarantee time keeping.
Alarm functions as it should, please see the video.
Solid silver dial is in good condition, slightly patinated.
The case is also good, with minor wear.

Nice and rare watch, good collector's piece.
Item is not available