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DOUBLE WHEEL DUPLEX Escapement Solid Gold Antique Pocket Watch

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DOUBLE WHEEL DUPLEX Escapement Solid Gold Antique Pocket Watch

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Nice late XVIII century Austrian pocket watch with rare escapement.
It comes in solid gold case with some hallmarks, tested for 14k gold or better.
Case diameter is 48mm, height without bow is 58mm.

Movement is equipped with double wheel duplex escapement, with brass escapement wheel.
This variant of duplex escapement was rarely used, mostly by Jurgensen in early XIX century.
Movement is barrel-driven without fusee, it feature Boseley-type regulator, unusual stop-work.

Movement is signed by Jacob Forrer.
Joh. Jacob Forrer in Vienna, recorded by J. Abeler, born in 1757, received Master in 1777, died in 1811. Author of mandoline-shaped watch dated to 1780.

Movement is in normal condition, works in every position, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Case has some minor dents.
The dial has reparation at 7 hours and chips near the winding hole.
Item is not available