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VIRGULE ESCAPEMENT Pocket Watch with Calendar and Centre Second

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VIRGULE ESCAPEMENT Pocket Watch with Calendar and Centre Second

ID: 213

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Good pocket watch from late XVIII / early XIX century in silver case.
Diameter is 54mm.

The watch features very rare virgule escapement.
This escapement was developed in second half of XVIII century as one of the attempts to find substitution to verge escapement. Basically it uses the same principles as cylinder escapement.
Because of number difficulties (it was hard to produce, problematic to lubricate properly and fragility of balance staff) it was used short period of time and was quickly replaced by cylinder and lever escapements.

Watch is equipped with stoppable centre second and calendar showing date and day of week.
Nice set of features.

The movement is signed by Robert & Comp. Baillie records Courvoisier & Comp in Paris, about 1800, watch with virgule escapement in Ilbert collection (now British Museum).

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The dial has minor defects but is generally in nice condition.
Movement and it's features functions as it should.
Case is in good condition with typical period wear, nothing special to mention.
Item is not available