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Early 1800s BRITISH Pivoted Detent Pocket Chronometer by James Hatton

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Early 1800s BRITISH Pivoted Detent Pocket Chronometer by James Hatton

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Good British detent chronometer from first years of XIX century.
Diameter is 55mm.

Chronometer is equipped with pivoted detent escapement, unusually for period British chronometers, which are mainly spring detent ones.
It's a quality piece with diamond endstone, helical hairspring, chronometer balance.
All escapement train is jewelled. Note the small holes in the top plate to observe escapement functioning.

Tony Mercer in "Chronometer Makers of the World" mentions James Hatton, active in 1799-1812. Chronometer maker to Honorable East India Company, published treatise "Introduction to Clock and Watchwork" in 1773, author of researches regarding epicycloidal tooth forms.

The chronometers of James Hatton are rare to see. Antiquorum sold one in 2002 (sale of 13.05.2002, lot 517) for 15 000 CHF..

Movement is in good condition, works in every position, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
Dial is in very good condition, seems to be flawless.
The case is later. It's a gilt white metal, most likely silver gilt.
The spring that hold movement in the case is loose, otherwise good condition.

Nice and rare British pocket chronometer, don't miss it.
Item is not available