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1735 Repousse Pair Case Antique Verge Fusee Pocket Watch

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1735 Repousse Pair Case Antique Verge Fusee Pocket Watch

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Beautiful verge fusee watch in golden pair case.
Diameter of outer case is 49mm, inner case is 41mm.
Total weight is 112 grams, only outer case weight is 34 grams.
London hallmarks date it to 1735.

Pretty similar watch from 1730s is being kept in Ashmolean museum of Oxford, with almost identical repoussé scene, probably made from the same cast.
It's illustrated in the book by David Thomson, pp. 50-51.
In this book, the subject is identified as Antony & Cleopatra, most probably after drawing or even production of Augustin Heckel workshop.
The scene is depicting the Banquet of Cleopatra, episode described by both Pliny's's Natural History and Plutarch's Lives, in which Cleopatra takes an expensive pearl and dissolves it in her wine, prior to imbibing the drink. The episode depicts the spartan Roman warrior represented by Antony being seduced by the sensual opulence of the East, as exemplified by Cleopatra.
The case is quality one, nice piece of British chasing.

The dial and movement are signed by Abraham Blanchard in London.
Not a much is known on this watchmaker. Baillie records Abraham Blanchard in London in 1744, that's all.

Watch is quite nice, the dial is made of solid gold, according fashion of this time. Many of these champlevé dials was later replaced with white enamel ones, nice to see good original one.

Condition is quite ok.
Dial is in good condition with minor defects.
Movement is running in every position though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Outer case has wear, with some losses of details, please see photos
Inner case is in normal condition.

Nice watch, don't miss it.
Item is not available