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Henry Massy - 1710s Pair Cased Verge Fusee British Antique Pocket Watch

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Henry Massy - 1710s Pair Cased Verge Fusee British Antique Pocket Watch

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Good British verge fusee pocket watch in silver pair case.
Diameter of outer case is 55mm, thickness is 32mm.

Nice champleve dial and movement are signed by Massy London.

T.C. Cuss in his book "The English Watch" shows the watch similarly signed by Maßsy, attributing it to Henry Massy about 1710.
Henry Massy was member of Clockmaking company from 1692-1745, several of his watches currently presented in various collections, including Guildhal Museum and Science Museum of S. Kensignton.
It's worth to note, that his father, Nicholas Massy, French born (Blois) French Huguenot, emigrated to London about 1680, he became member of Clockmaking company in 1682 and died at 1698.

The currently presented watch can be equally dated to 1710.
It features Egyptian pillars (fashionable in 1700-1715), cock with D-shaped leg, typical attributes of 1700-1710s production.

The watch appears to be in ok condition.
Movement appears to be in good running condition and works in every position.
Champleve silver dial is in good condition.
Inner Case is in good condition with some period wear.
Outer case has old crack and soldering near the top of back cover.
Item is not available