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English REPEATER Solid Gold Antique REPEATING Pocket Watch by JW BENSON LONDON

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English REPEATER Solid Gold Antique REPEATING Pocket Watch by JW BENSON LONDON

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Beautiful quarter repeater in solid 18k gold hunter case.
Case diameter is 46mm, height without bow is 58mm, weight is 102 grams.

Movement is signed by J.W. Benson in London and has the "Queen & Prince of Wales" Warrants.
The Old Bond Street location allows to date the movement to 1870-1880s.
Samuel Suckley Benson and James William Benson founded the company S. S. & J. W. Benson in 1847.
Throughout its history, J. W. Benson Ltd was official watchmaker to the Admiralty & the War Department and also held a number of royal warrants, being watchmakers to Queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales, the Tsar of Russia, Abu Bakar of Johor and several other royal families.

The movement is high grade one as you can expect from this kind of watch.
It's most likely based on Audemars & Piguet blank.
The lever is counterpoised and has a shape of Bishop's cross, which is pointed as specific Audemars feature by H. Zantke in his book "Louis Audemars".
The same author specifies that Audemars along with Piguet was supplied the movements "Genre Anglais" (in English manner) via their London office to main British watchmakers, including Dent, Frodsham and Benson.
Escapement is Swiss lever, which is one extra sign of Swiss origin of the movement.

The balance bridge features "star" mark between Fast and Slow.
According the book "the English Watch" by T.C. Cuss, this mean that movement was finished on the Coventry's factories.
The same book states that Benson was offering watches equipped with Swiss design and US movements as well within it shop.
However a lot of clients were agree to pay extra premium when they've seen the British movement..

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement is in good running condition.
Repetition strikes as it should.
Please look video.

Cosmetically watch is quite fine, with minor wear to the case.
Dial is flawless.
Overall good condition.

Good watch, don't miss it.
Item is not available