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Independent Seconds 18k Gold Antique Pocket Watch by LEROY / LOUIS AUDEMARS

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Independent Seconds 18k Gold Antique Pocket Watch by LEROY / LOUIS AUDEMARS

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Good independent jumping seconds pocket watch by LeRoy and Cie in solid 18k gold case.
Diameter of the watch is 49mm, height without bow is 62mm, weight is 104 grams.
Watch comes in original box.

Leroy & Fils
(Basile)-Charles Le Roy became Master Watchmaker in 1785 at the very young age of 20. Shortly after this he opened official workshop and boutique within the prestigious Palais-Royal gallery. The company managed to survive in revolutionary era.
In 1805, Napoleonic era, Le Roy became “Watchmaker to Her Imperial and Royal Highness, Madame the Mother of the Emperor”. The company prosperous XIX century and became watchmaker to Queen Victoria and ministery of Navy.
Since 1828 company was renamed to Leroy & Fils (Leroy and sons).
In late XIX - beginning of XX company produced famous Leroy 01 watch - the most complex watch to that time, containing 975 parts. The L. Leroy company still alive now and produce luxury watches.

The movement is practically sure Louis Audemars production.
It's design and finishing perfectly match to other Audemars independent second watches.
Please look for similar watch made for American market in "L.B. Audemars" book by H. Zantke, p. 365.
The same book says that LeRoy was one of the major customer of Louis Audemars in France, both for ebauches and for completed watches.
Taking into account, that watch bears "chimere" hallmark for 18k watches imported to France, the whole watch is most likely came from Louis Audemars workshop.

The movement is good quality one as you can expect from Audemars production.
It features two barrels and two trains, tandem winding, many jewels (about 30 jewels totally, corresponds to quality repeater jewelled to hammers), nicely finished.

The movement is in running condition, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Movement will benefits from cleaning / oiling.
The independent second starts and stops correctly.
Please see video below the photos.

Some wear to the case, minor dents.
Dial has tiny hairlines visible mainly with magnifying glass and very minor reparation near centre hole.

Shipping from France worldwide.
Item is not available