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19mm diameter only - Tiny Antique Pocket Watch decorated with Diamond and Rubys

Price: $1 250


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Tiny pocket watch from late XIX, beginning of XX.

It's one of the smallest pocket watches ever made.
In fact, it's to small to be wore in pocket and more suitable to be attached as pendant.
Diameter is less than 20mm, height without bow is 26mm, weight is 8,5 grams.
Very rare size.

Watch is decorated with tiny rubys and nice big diamond of old roze cut.
Diameter of the diamond is 5mm, weight is roughly 0.4 carats.

The watch is based on LeCoultre ebauche - Calibre 5, also known as Revolver-Calibre.
This Calibre was executed in quality "extra fine" and was produced without seconds hand in sizes from 6" to 8" and with seconds in sizes 8"-19"
This movement should be 6 lines and a smallest LeCoultre movement.

The dust cover signed by Bart in Besançon by French retailer and "1re qualité soignée" for "1st immaculate quality".
The case is Swiss made and bears 18k French import hallmark.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement works, but I don't guarantee time keeping.
Dial seems to be free from defects.
Case has minor wear.
Later plastic crystal, original hands.
Price: 1 250 USD