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DANIEL QUARE - 1700s Pair Cased Verge Fusee British Antique Pocket Watch

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DANIEL QUARE - 1700s Pair Cased Verge Fusee British Antique Pocket Watch

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Beautiful verge pocket watch by Daniel Quare - one of most reputable British watchmakers.
The craftsmanship is excellent as you can expect from eminent watchmaker.
The dial bears Lion and Unicorn symbolics - probably as sign of Supplier to the King status.

Here is small quote from of Britten's book "Old Clocks and Watches and their makers, first edition of 1904, pp 289-298", chapter "The Famous Makers".
Daniel Quare - This worthy contemporary of Tompion was born in 1648.
Quare was admitted as a brother of the Clockmakers' Company in 1671, and served as master in 1708.
During the latter part of his career he took into partnership Edward Horseman, who had been apprenticed to him, and the business was carried on at the same address under the title of Quare and Horseman.
About 1680 he produced repeating watches of his own design, and when the Rev. Edward Barlow, in 1687, made application to patent a repeating device, Quare successfully opposed the monopoly sought for by his rival.
The king James II, after a trial of both repeating watches, gave the preference to that of Quare, which fact was notified in the Gazette,
Quare afterwards made another and more highly finished repeating watch for William III; it appears probable that in this, as in all subsequent repeaters by Quare, the pendant was thrust in to set the mechanism in action, instead of having a separate pin in the edge of the case for the purpose.
The world-wide reputation of Ouare remains as evidence of his individuality.
He is mentioned in a comedy by Carlo Goldoni as the foremost of English horologists, then considered the first in the world.
Daniel Quare died at Croydon in 1724.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
Movement is in good running condition and works in every position.
Champleve silver dial is in very good condition.
Case is in good condition with some period wear.
Diameter of outer case is 56mm, thickness is 30mm.
Item is not available