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ENAMEL PAINTING British PAIR CASE REPEATER Verge Fusee Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

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ENAMEL PAINTING British PAIR CASE REPEATER Verge Fusee Antique Repeating Pocket Watch

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Beautiful British pair case repeating pocket watch from middle of XVIII century.
Case comes in 20k solid gold pair case.
Outer case diameter is 46mm, height is 58mm.
Total weight is 111 grams, only outer case is 30 grams.

The watch is signed by Charles Leignes (1731-1783) in London and numbered.
Baillie mentions Charles Peter Leignes in London, apprenticed in 1746, member of Clockmaking Company form 1749 to 1794.
Two of his watches are being kept in London museum

Outer case is decorated with painted enamel scene in antique style of Cupid and Aphrodite, allegory of love.
The most of outer case is also decorated with mutlicolor enamel over engine-turned background.
It's quality piece with careful attention to all small details.
Movement is of excellent quality, as you can expect from expensive watch.
The watch features 1/4 repeater with two hammers striking silver bell.

The watch in overall good condition, but has some minor flaws.
The painted enamel medallion seems to be in good condition, with some surface scratches, but unrestored.
Transparent enamel over the engine turning seems to be restored.
Otherwise nice condition.
Inner case is in good condition, without any damages to cutwork.

Movement is in working condition, runs in all positions.
It runs in any position, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Repetition functions strikes correctly, with occasionally dull sound of quarters hammer.

Dial is in good condition, without visible hairlines.
Please see photos and video.

Item is not available