30mm MINIATURE Quarter REPEATER 18k GOLD Repeating Pocket Watch by Moulinier Geneve

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Miniature quarter repeating watch in solid gold case.
Quality Geneva production by Moulinier.
Watch comes in original case with original golden ratchet key and it's chain.
Diameter is about 32mm.

Very rare size, as you can imagine, it's very hard to make such a miniature repeating complication. Production of late XVIII or very beginning of XIX century.
This time such a miniature pieces was produced by most skillful watchmakers.
The quality is very nice. Calibre is similar to one used by A.L. Breguet. All steel parts are mirror polished and beveled.

Moulinie in Geneve.
O. Patrizzi in "Dictionnaire des Horlogers Genevois" describes several workshops of Moulinie. The most notable was collaboration of Moulinie with Bautte, authors of famous pistolet watch and many other luxury pieces.
Closer to 1820s and 1830s the collaboration was came apart.
This time Moulinie still is noted by O. Patrizzi as manufacturer of expensive gold&enamel pieces, ultra-thin and repeating watches.

Very nice tiny piece.

The watch appears to be in good condition
It works (however, time keeping is not guaranteed).
The repetition is working as it should.
Golden case has minor wear. Dust cover is also made solid gold.
Dial is in nice condition, without visible flaws.

Watch comes with it's original box and key.
Diameter is 32mm, weight is about 29 grams.
Price: 2 400 USD