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LOUIS AUDEMARS - High Grade REPEATER Solid Gold Antique REPEATING Pocket Watch from 1860

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LOUIS AUDEMARS - High Grade REPEATER Solid Gold Antique REPEATING Pocket Watch from 1860

ID: 143

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Beautiful quarter repeater in solid 18k gold case.
Comes with Extracts from Archives by Paul Audmears, keeper of archives.
According the Extracts, the watch N 4329 was in progress in Louis Audemars workshop in 1857, should be finished around 1858.
The case bears hallmark LA for Louis Audemars (illustrated in book "Audemars, his life and works" book by H. Zantke, p.187).

The case lacks other hallmarks, but the bow bears English hallmarks for 18k gold.
The crown wheel bridge is signed by C.F. Hancock, London.
Loomes in "Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the world" mention C.F. Hancock in London, about 1850s.
It should be London reseller of this watch.

The quality is highest possible, cannot be better.
The movement is very good, it's nicely gilt, all steel parts are mirror polished and bevelled, screws are blued.
Both watch and repeating trains are fully jewelled, as well as hammers (should be 32 jewels totally). Movement features counterpivots for all escapement.
The winding wheels has wolf tooth profile.
The case is made of solid 18k gold, it's nicely engraved. Dust cover is equally made of solid gold.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement is in running condition, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Repetition strikes as it should.
Cosmetically watch is quite fine, with some minor wear to the case.
Mineral glass.
Please look video below the photo.
Overall good condition.

Case diameter is 43mm, height without bow is 53mm. Weight is 73.6 grams.
Watch comes in period box.
Item is not available