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MUSICAL REPEATER Solid GOLD Repeating Antique Pocket Watch

Not for sale
MUSICAL REPEATER Solid GOLD Repeating Antique Pocket Watch

ID: 138

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Rare pocket watch with musical box that self-starts every hour or activated on demand and quarter-hour repetition.

The watch should be production of Piguet et Meylan, Geneve.
In despite of most similar music watches by Piguet & Meylan, here the repeating train is located over the movement, it's not hidden under the dial.
Very beautiful movement, nice watch.

Movement is in ok condition, watch functions, but I don't guarantee time keeping.
Repetition works as it should.
On my observations music starts every hour correctly.
The watch equipped with lever that allows to turn off auto-play of music.

Solid 18k gold case is in good condition.
The dial has some minor defects and reparations please see photos.

Outer case diameter is 57mm, height without bow is 70mm.
Weight is 145 grams
Not for sale