DAY-AND-NIGHT OIGNON Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch from LATE XVII 1690-1700



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Beautiful big and heavy verge pocket watch from 1690 - 1700s.
Rare dial with "Day and Night" retrograde hours indication and single minute hand.
Instead of hour hand there is revolving disc with engraved Sun for day hours and Moon for night hours.
This type of dial seems to be out of fashion after approximately 1710s.
The very similar watch with same engraving style was sold on Sotheby's auction of 11 May 2008 (lot 78) for 12500 Swiss Franks.

The watch is truly beautiful.
The solid silver dial with fairy birds is skilfully engraved.
The disk with moon and sun is deeply blued and is in rare good condition, usually it's not such well preserved.
The movement is signed by P. Monnet in Vevey (Switzerland) and is made in English style.
The cock with mock-pendulum is nicely engraved, the balance wheel is unusually made with just two arms to meet pendulum's style.

Condition is very nice. Movement looks recently serviced.
Dial is in good condition, with minor wear.
Movement is running in every position though I don't guarantee time keeping.
The case appears to be in good condition.
Diameter is 57mm, height is 67mm, thickness is 34mm.
Weight is 163 grams.

Excellent collector's piece.
Shipping from France worldwide.