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PAINTED ENAMEL Solid 18k GOLD Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch

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PAINTED ENAMEL Solid 18k GOLD Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch

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Very nice verge pocket in solid gold case from second half of XVIII century.
Back cover is decorated with beautiful enamel painting representing allegory of love.
Enamel is very delicately painted, the semi-translucent peach-colored background gives the air and volume to the scene.

Beautiful enamel dial with nicely painted numbers.
Dial and movement are signed by Gide in Paris.
Very nice original hands.

Gide in Paris
Tardy in "Dictionnaire des horlogers Français" shows very similar watch signed by Gide a Paris that is being kept in Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.
He mentions it's author Marie Gide - enamel painter in Paris in late XVIII.

Dial is in unusual good condition with just tiny hairline near VI hours.
Movement is running in every position though I don't guarantee time keeping.
The case appears to be in good condition.
Enamel seems to be without visible damages, just common surface scratches.
Diameter is 39mm.

Really beautiful in rare good condition, nice addition to antique enamel collection.
Shipping from France worldwide.
Item is not available