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Bagnolet caliber Ultrathin Pocket Watch by Meylan Geneve

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Bagnolet caliber Ultrathin Pocket Watch by Meylan  Geneve

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Beautiful ultra-thin golden pocket watch from middile of XIX century.
Geneva work, signed by F & A. Meylan.
The case is made from solid 18k gold, it comes with it's solid gold chatelain.

The watch is equipped with Bagnolet caliber and it's very thin, only 5 mm thickness.
Movement thickness should be just 3mm.
Such a flat movements requires excellent skills to execute.

Bagnolet caliber was invented by Genevan watchmaker Philippe Samuel Meylan (1772-1845), it allowed make the watches thinner.
E. Jaquet & A. Chapuis in their "Technique and history of Swiss Watch" shows several watches with Bagnolet very similar to this one.
On the next illustration the same book shows extra slim coin watch by F&A Meylan, that is being kept in Neuchatel Museum, Switzerland.

Meylan, François & Auguste
Manufacturers from 1820 to 1860s.
Watches with Lepine caliber, duplex & cylinder escapement, quarter repeaters, watches with golden cases decorated by enamels and engraving.
Manufacturers of extra plate watches with Bagnolet caliber.
Information according "Dictionnaire des horlogers Genevois" by O. Patrizzi.

Watch appears to be in good condition.
Dial with very minor wear.
Golden case is in quite good condition.
Mineral glass, original Breguet hands.
Very nice condition.

Diameter is 42 grams, height is 49mm.
Total weight is 49 grams.
Chatelain with with key is 11.7 grams.
Not for sale