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Rare late XVIII POUZAIT lever escapement - German Antique Pocket Watch

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Rare late XVIII POUZAIT lever escapement - German Antique Pocket Watch

ID: 113

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Rare Silver Openface Pocket Watch with Center Seconds and Date.
Dial and movement signed by Thomas Geist, Augsburg. Late XVIII century.
Watch features full plate gilt-finished movement with early lever escapement according to Pouzait.
Typically for these watches, case features glazed display back and the movement beats can be clearly visible.

Pouzait lever escapement
In 1786 Jean Moise Pouzait presented his newly invented escapement to The Society of Arts of Geneve.
It was quite special escapement that featured very big balance wheel and beats one time per second.
By idea of the author, this kind of movement should be used in "dead second" watches with centre seconds.
It's known only one watch of this type, signed by Pouzait, please see illustration.
But it's known several very similar watches, signed by celebrated watchmakers - Berthoud, Hessen, Jurgensen.. and even Breguet (shown in AGAHA revue N26).
A. Chapuis in his book "La montre Francaise" says that probably all of these watches are made by workshop of Pouzait and supplied to different watchmakers
At least it's known that Pouzait executed lever escapements for Breguet. For example, Abraham Louis Breguet noted in his records in 1792 that lever escapements were ordered from Pouzair at 9 July.

Thomas Geist
Thomas Narcissus Geist in Augsburg.
He was active in late XVIII, he received his Master degree in 1793.

Watch appears to be in good condition.
Movement works as it should.
Case has minor period wear.
Dial seems to be in good condition.
Original hands, mineral crystals.

Diameter is 55mm, height without bow is 66mm.
Weight is 130 grams.

Item is not available