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Rare MINIATURE Quarter REPEATING Gold Pocket Watch, only 30mm

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Rare MINIATURE Quarter REPEATING Gold Pocket Watch, only 30mm

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Miniature quarter repeating watch in solid gold hunter case.
Diameter is about 30mm.
Very rare size, as you can imagine, it's very hard to make such a miniature repeating complication. Production of late XVIII or very beginning of XIX century.
This time such a miniature pieces was produced by most skilfull watchmakers.

Unusually enough, it's equipped with repeating on silver bell, not more common gongs.
Full plate movement is equipped with early cylinder escapement with brass escapement wheel. Please note the full plate design and balance bridge of curved shape, under clear influence of Jean Antoine Lepine.
Very unusual tiny piece.

The dial is signed by Prior.
All the books (Baillie, Loomes and others) mentions mostly the British watchmakers bearing this name. However the movement for me looks like continental origin. Probably it's Swiss made and was retailed in UK by British retailer.

The watch appears to be in good condition
It works (however, time keeping is not guaranteed).
The repetition is equally works as it should.
Golden case seems to be without significant defects, normal period wear.
Dial is in nice condition, with tiny reparation at 3 hours.

Watch comes with old key.
Diameter is 30mm, height without bow is 40mm.
Weight is about 22 grams.

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