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Truly beautiful lady pocket or pendant watch in solid 18k gold demi-hunter case.
The quality is excellent. It's a "Souvenir" watch, given to someone as memory of important date, such souvenir watches were usually high-grade ones.

The case is decorated with lovely enamel painting of a angel musician.
Mandolin was treated as one of favorite musical instrument of angles since Middle Ages.

The watch is in excellent condition, enamel is free of defects.
Case bears Swiss 18k hallmarks, dust cover is also made of gold and hallmarked.
The dial is decorated with small golden paintings, it's free of any defects.
Original glass and hands.

Movement is unusually high quality for lady watch.
Please note the red colored wheels and cover plates, rare to see.
It's in good running condition.
Height without bow is 33m, diameter is 27mm.
Weight is 16 grams.
Item is not available