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1730s Antique Verge Fusee Pocket Watch - Voisin Fils Paris

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1730s Antique Verge Fusee Pocket Watch - Voisin Fils Paris

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Nice verge fusee pocket watch from late 1730s, French Regency period.

Beautiful and rather big silver balance bridge is skillfully engraved and pierced, nice beast pattern.
It's definite example of French Regency style balance bridges.
Very similar watch is presented on the page 101 of "French Watches" (La Montre Francaise) by A. Chapiro

Nice and unusual emerald endstone.

The movement has numerous features that shows it's age
- lack of crown wheel rear pivot regulation (it's just a plug, like in English watches)
- lack of crown wheel front pivot regulation (it's fixed, without any regulation)
- archaic fancy clickspring
- solid bottom plate, lacking of bridge for the wheels, common on later movements
- square baluster pillars, enameled copper dial.

Unusual hunter case bears royal France hallmarks inside.

Nice condition. Dial has some minor flaws. Hands from XIX century are not original.
Diameter is 47mm, height without bow is 61mm. Weight is 90 grams.

The watch is signed by Voisin Fils a Paris.
This should be son of Charles Voisin, notable watchmaker from Paris, active at late XVII, beginning of XVIII.
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