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Thin Elegant GOLD & ENAMEL Gents Antique Pocket Watch by HAAS NEVEUX

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Thin Elegant GOLD & ENAMEL Gents Antique Pocket Watch by HAAS NEVEUX

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Very fine, thin and elegant, 18K gold and enamel gents pocket watch by Haas Neveux & Cie.
Diameter is 46mm, weight is 56 grams.

Watch is beautifully decorated with blue enamel over guilloche background.
The watch is made with an attention to the details: bezel, pendant, rim and bow are equally decorated with enamels.
The dial of golden color is also engine turned and perfectly matches the watch style.
Rare to see such richly decorated gents watch - truly Geneva spirit, thin and luxury piece.

The dust cover bears hallmark of Haas Neveux & Cie hallmark.
In 1848 the brothers Leopold and Benjamin Haas, founded the ANCIENNE MANUFACTURE DES MONTRES HAAS & CIE in Geneva.
1884 Haas changed their name to Haas Neveux & Cie, to communicate that new family members had taken positions in the company.
The company excelled in unique and exceptional pieces and achieved its reputation with exquisite watches that pass for modern even today.
In 1896 Haas Neveux & Cie establishes a record with an ultraflat 2mm movement for a ladies' watch and wins a first price for precision in the 1902 competition of the famous "Observatoire de Genève". In 1914 Haas was awarded the Grand Prix of the Swiss national exhibition in Bern.

The movement is a quality piece.
It's jewelled to the center and bears Geneva Seal quality hallmark.
Established in 1887, Geneva Seal mark the "watch from Geneva" as not just a watch manufactured in the canton, but first and foremost a watch that met a certain number of technical criteria, which determined it to be a top-quality product.
The data shows, that only several hundreeds of movement obtained Geneva Seal yearly - minor fraction of Geneva production.
After end of WWI, about 1920s, the practice of marking by Geneva seal was gradually prohibited after 1920s until it's renaissance in 1990s.

Watch appears to be in very nice condition.
Movement is running as it should, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
The dial has some nice patination.
Enamel is beautifully preserved. It has some surfaces scratches, but no chips or reparations.
Rare good condition.
Item is not available