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Antique PAUL BUHRE Deck Chronometer Pocket Watch in Box

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Antique PAUL BUHRE Deck Chronometer Pocket Watch in Box

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Excellent and rare lever chronometer by Paul Buhre. Switzerland, circa 1920s-1930s.
Diameter is 64mm, height is 80mm.

Big and high quality deck watch with big 24" movement is equipped with precision Guillaume balance with golden screws. Nice movement is finished to high grade.
Back cover and movement bears serial number 8670.

This deck watch by Buhre is illustrated in books "Militaruhren" by K. Knirim and "Beobachtunguhren" by Eder.

Paul Buhre company is mostly noted by it's watches for Russian market. Founded at first half of XIX century, at 1890s century the company became supplier of Russian Tsar court and quickly became leader of Russian watch market.
After Russian revolution of 1917 the company lost it's main market and was in crisis until late 1920s, when in 1929 it was merged with Henri Barbezat-Bole company, well-known Swiss manufacturer of chronometers and repeating watches in Le Locle.

The watch appears to be in excellent condition.
White enamel dial seems to be flawless.
Original blued hands and thick glass.
Case has minimal wear.
Original box is unsigned but matches in every aspect to signed boxes of same Buhre chronometers.
Movement is in good running condition and keeps time.

Rare and interesting watch, don't miss it.
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Item is not available