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High Grade MINUTE REPEATER CHRONOGRAPH Gold Repeating Pocket Watch

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High Grade MINUTE REPEATER CHRONOGRAPH Gold Repeating Pocket Watch

ID: 319

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Good minute repeater in solid 18k gold hunter case.
Case diameter is 53mm, height without bow is 67mm.
Weight is 112 grams.

The movement is signed, by Mathey-Tissot under the dial.
Edmond Mathey-Tissot established his watchmaking business in the village of Les Ponts-de-Martel in 1886. He began by specializing in complications, and especially repeater pocket watches, that is, watches which chime the hour or the hour and quarter-hour (quarter-repeater) or the hour, quarter-hour and minute (minute-repeater). The firm soon proceeded to make chronographs and won a number of prizes.
In 1914 Mathey-Tissot gained the Grand Prix at the Swiss National Exhibition. Company was Supplier to British Royal Navy and United States Army's Corps of Engineers.

The movement is based on LeCoultre cal. 47 ebauche.
According to "Le chronographe de poche Suisse" by J. Pynson, E. Mathey-Tissot was large buyer of LeCoultre mouvement and ebauches (p.32).

Movement finished to high grade.
It's jewelled to the hammers, chronograph wheels are also jewelled as well as centrifugal governor.
Steel parts are mirror polished and bevelled.
The case bears Swiss and French import hallmarks for 18k gold.

Case is in overall nice condition with some period wear.
The movement is in running condition.
Repetition strikes as it should, chronograph functions correctly.
Dial seems to be in good condition.

Shipping from France worldwide.
Item is not available