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ALEXANDER III - Russian Imperial Presentation PAUL BUHRE Antique Gold Pocket Watch

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ALEXANDER III - Russian Imperial Presentation PAUL BUHRE Antique Gold Pocket Watch

ID: 302

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Good Russian Imperial presentation watch by Paul Buhre.
Diameter is 50mm, weight is 99 grams.

Watch features gift inscription in Russian, which can be translated as "Graciously granted to Decorator of the Imperial Theatres LEVOT 10 October 1886".
Henri Levot was a French painter and stage designer. He worked until 1885 for the Parisian theatres, then for the direction of the imperial theatres of Russia in Saint-Petersburg, in particular for the Mariinsky theatre (Marie theatre) until his death in 1896.
Henri Levot was specialist in architectural decorations.

The watch bears low serial number 8172 and is dates back to the Alexander III epoch.
The Archives of Ministry of Imperial Court notes that during the reign of Alexander III (1881-1894) totally 3477 gold and silver watches were presented, while during rule of Nicolas II (1894-1917) this number grew up to roughly 12000.
In fact, the vast majority of Russian Imperial Presentation watches on market are dated to Nicolas II period, it's hard to find watches awarded by Alexander III and earlier.

Watch comes in solid 14k gold hunter case.
The front cover is decorated with applied double headed eagle - an Imperial Warrant, in it's early version.

The watch is signed on dust cover in Cyrillic by Paul Buhre - Supplier to the Court of His Majesty.
Movement is built on LeCoultre ebauche, with II / Y Cyrillic symbols for regulation on balance bridge.
Case bears Swiss and metric hallmarks for 14k gold.

Case has some minor dents, but overall in good condition.
Engine turning has wear over the time.
Blue and black enamel is in good condition.
Dial seems to be in good condition, without visible damages.
Movement is nice and clean, fully functional, though time keeping is not guaranteed.

Good collector piece.
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