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Virgule Escapement Repeater Antique 18k Gold Pocket Watch by Dubois et Fils

Price: $4 300


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Beautiful quarter repeating pocket watch by Dubois et Fils.
Diameter is 60mm, height is 75mm, weight is 79 grams.

Switzerland, circa 1800s.
The watch comes in 18k gold case.

The watch is based on unusual caliber, produced by DuBois & Fils, company, active in early XVIII, known for their complicated watches.
The movement is quite thin and is based on J-A. Lepine design, with it's distinctive curved bridges and free standing barrel, popular in late XVIII - very early XIX century.

Movement is equipped with rare virgule escapement - used during short period of time in late XVIII / early XIX centuries, and was quickly replaced by cylinder and lever escapement.

Please note the rare case type.
It's thin and wide according fashion of that time and opens with tiny pin on the left of the pendant.

Watch is in running condition, though time keeping is not guaranteed.
The repetition functions correctly.
The dial seems to be in good condition with minor flaws.
Unusually, the case is in good condition - these cases are often damaged as it's quite tricky to opens.

Very nice condition.
Price: 4 300 USD