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MARKWICK LONDON 1720s OIGNON Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenuhr

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MARKWICK LONDON 1720s OIGNON Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenuhr

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Beautiful verge fusee watch.
Diameter is 53mm, height without bow is 54mm, weight is 115 grams.

The movement is signed by Markwick London and numbered.
James Markwick son, became member of Clockmaking Company in 1692. In 1720 he became Master of Clockmaking Company, died in 1730. Baillie records him as eminent maker.
His partner Robert Markham, who succeded Markwick's business, became well-established supplied for Eastern markets.

The movement is nice example of 1720s production, it features beautiful silver cock with almost D-shaped leg, crested Egyptian pillars.
The cock design is rather unusual, this geometrical pattern very unusual for English baroque watches, and common for French regency ones.
Probably, movement was designated for French market, while French period watch production was low and English watches dominated the world.

The case is French made, with perfectly fitted case and dial, purposely built for the movement. It bears Royal French hallmarks for the silver.
The dial is also very typical French regency style from 1720-1730.
The movement plate hasn't any extra-holes, confirming that case is period production for the movement.

The watch appears to be in good condition.
Movement is in good condition, capable of running, but time keeping is not guaranteed.
Dial has couple of very faint, hardly visible hairlines, near the centre.
Otherwise good condition.
Case has minor period wear nothing special to mention.
Hour hand is damaged.
Bull eye mineral crystal.

Overall very nice watch in good condition.
Item is not available