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RUBY CYLINDER REPEATER 18k GOLD Repeating Pocket Watch by Houdin Paris

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RUBY CYLINDER REPEATER 18k GOLD Repeating Pocket Watch by Houdin Paris

ID: 263

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Miniature quarter repeating watch in solid gold case.
Quality French production of early XIX century.
Diameter is about 38mm, weight is 37 grams.

Watch is signed by J.F Houdin in Paris.
Jacques-François Houdin 1783-1860, was one of the pupil of Abraham-Louis Breguet.
J.F. Houdin was talented inventor, he made important improvements of wheel-cutting machines.
He was also creator of astronomical clocks, notably complicated clock of Parisian "Art et Metier" Conservatory.

The watch is made on clear influence of A.L Breguet inventions.
Calibre is similar to one used by A.L. Breguet.
In despite of its small size, watch is equipped with ruby cylinder escapement and bimetallic temperature compensation curve.
All steel parts are mirror polished and beveled.
Rare size, as you can imagine, it's very hard to make such a miniature repeating complication.
Such a miniature quality pieces was produced by most skillful watchmakers.

Ruby cylinder escapement
Cylinder escapements are frictional rest, there is a constant friction placed upon the balance. The excessive friction resulted to worsening time keeping.
A.L. Breguet introduced cylinder escapement variant, where part of cylinder was made of ruby, it significantly reduced friction and increased precision.
The watches with ruby cylinders was able to keep time almost comparable to ones equipped with lever escapement. However, this type of escapement was fragile and hard to make, and it was quickly substituted by lever escapement in quality watches.

The watch appears to be in good condition
It works (however, time keeping is not guaranteed).
The repetition is working as it should.
Golden case has minor wear. Dust cover is also made solid gold.
Dial is in nice condition, with minor defects.
Item is not available