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LOUIS XIV OIGNON Verge Fusee Antique Pocket Watch MONTRE COQ SpindelTaschenuhr

Price: $4 200


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Very nice big and solid Louis XIV oignon watch. France, beginning of XVIII century.
Diameter is 60mm, height is 68mm, thickness is 36mm, weight is 162 grams.

Big solid silver balance bridge is very nice, it's beautifully decorated with birds, chimeras and floral ornament.
Beautiful porcelain dial with convex numbers.
Plain brass case with remains of gilt.
Typical period thick movement with Egyptian pillars.

Watch is signed by Pelletier in Paris.
Tardy mentions Pelletier installed in Paris, near the bridge of St. Michel, received Master in 1717.

Condition is quite nice.
Dial is in good condition with minor defects, overall rare condition.
Movement is running in every position, though I don't guarantee time keeping.

Beautiful original hands, mineral crystal.
The case appears to be in good condition, major loss of gilt.
There is plugged whole from very bottom, probably once hard mounted.

Overall good watch in nice condition.
Shipping from France worldwide.
Price: 4 200 USD