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SKELETONIZED GOLD VERGE FUSEE Antique Pocket Watch with Chatelaine

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SKELETONIZED GOLD VERGE FUSEE Antique Pocket Watch with Chatelaine

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Rare skeletonized verge fusee pocket watch in golden case.
Diameter of the watch is 37mm, height without bow is 47 mm, weight is 42 grams.
Circa 1770s.

These skeletonized watches was introduced about 1760 by noted French watchmaker Jean Antoine Lepine. Most watches of this type are attributed to Lepine workshop, hovewer, it was performed by some other Parisian watchmakers. Mostly, such works featured glass back to show the beauty of the movement.

A. Chapuis, in his book "J.A. Lepine", writes that this type of movements appeared as answer to interest of the Royal Court to mechanical arts.
Dauphin, future king Louis XVI, passed numerous hours in the mechanical workshop, he equipped the real watchmaking workshop in Trianon palace.

Watch is finely made, movement is covered with decorative plate with paste diamonds.
Bezel and back cover are equally decorated with diamonds of old cut.

Watch comes with matching chatelain (unmarked, but appeared to be silver), decorated with marcasites.

Watch appears to be in good condition.
The movement functions in any position, though I don't guarantee time keeping.
Case is in good condition.
Dial seems to be free from damages.
Mineral front and back crystals.

Chatelain is in good condition.
Item is not available