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Double Sided Triple Calendar & Repeating 18k Gold Pocket Watch

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Double Sided Triple Calendar & Repeating 18k Gold Pocket Watch

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Quarter repeating double-sided watch with full calendar, in solid 18k gold hunter case.
Diameter is 52mm. Weight is 115 grams.

The moon calendar is shown in the center of the main dial.
Calendar is made as a dust cover, according Swiss patent 24914 by Henry Jacot-Burmann, registered in 1903.
Please note, the day is switching automatically, but the month is manual only.

Nice nickel-made quarter repeating movement is based on LeCoultre ebauche, well known calibre 31 for hunter cases.
These double-sided calendar watches with repetition are very rare.

Case is nicely engraved with a floral ornament, calendar in Spanish.
Should be made for the South American market.

The movement is in good running condition.
Repeating and calendar is working as it should.
One gong sounds a little dull.

Cosmetically the watch is in nice condition.
The only flaw is a tiny reparations near the seconds hand counter - hardly visible.
Case is in very good condition, engraving is beautifully preserved.
Overall nice condition.

Good watch with rare complication set.
Item is not available